lb/ft3 to kg/m3

In previous article we told you how to convert kg/m3 to lb/ft3. Today we are going to show you how you can calculate lbs/ft3 to kg/m3. So if you want to know how to make lb/ft3 to kg/m3 conversion – you are in the right place.

Before we move on to conversion, we want to remind you what lb/ft3 and kg/m3 are.

Lb/ft3 and kg/m3 are both units of density. Lb/ft3 is defined as pounds divided by cubic feet. In turn, kg/m3 are defined as kilograms divided by cubic meter.

Now we can move on to more practical part of this article.

Convert lbs/ft3 to kg/m3

Before we give you a formula, have a look how many kg/m3 are in lbs/ft3 and how many lbs/ft3 are in kg/m3:

  • 1 lbs/ft3 = 16.0184634 kg/m3,
  • 1 kg/m3 = 0.0624279606 lbs/ft3.

So what is a formula for conversion of lb/ft3 to kg/m3? We gave it down below:

Number of lbs/ft3 * 16.0184634 = the result in kg/m3

If you do not need an exact result, you can use a formula in shorter form. Using this formula your calculation will be easier. It is down below:

Number of lbs/ft3 * 16.02 = the result in kg/m3

We will use the first version of formula to make our step by step calculations, because we want to show you the most accurate results.

Now you know that 1 lb/ft3 to kg/m3 is equal 16.0184634, so we move on to the examples.

Let’s start with something small. How many kg/m3 are in 2.6 lb/ft3? Multiply 2.6 by 16.0184634. It gives 41.64800484. Round it off, for instance, to two decimal places. The final result is equal 41.65 lb/ft3.

How many kg/m3 are in 12 lb/ft3? Multiply 12 by 16.0184634. It gives 192.2215608. Now round off the result to two decimal places. The final result is equal 192.22 kg/m3.

Let’s convert 20 lb/ft3 into kg/m3. Multiply 20 by 16.0184634. It gives 320.369268. After rounding off to two decimal places, the final result is equal 320.37 kg/m3.

Calculate 64 lb/ft3 to kg/m3. And again, multiply 64 by 16.0184634. It gives 1025.1816576. Round it off to two decimal places. The final result is equal 1025.18 kg/m3.

Now try calculate something bigger. How many kg/m3 are in 490 lb/ft3? 490 * 16.0184634 = 7849.047066. Now round it off. The final result is equal 7849.05 kg/m3.

Let’s convert 1208 lb/ft3 to kg/m3. 1208 * 16.0184634 = 19350.3037872. After rounding off, the final result is equal 19350.30 kg/m3.

Two more examples. How many kg/m3 are in 2500 lb/ft3? 2500 * 16.0184634 = 40046.1585. Round it off to two decimal places. The final result is equal 40046.16 kg/m3.

The last example. Calculate 2800 lb/ft3 to kg/m3. 2800 * 16.0184634 = 44851.69752. After rounding off, the final result is equal 44851.70 kg/m3.

Quite easy, right? We are sure that after reading these examples you can make lb/ft^3 to kg/m^3 conversion on your own. Do you need more examples? We gathered them in a chart down below:


kg/m3 (rounded off to two decimal places)































Convert lbs/ft3 to kg/m3

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How to convert lb/ft3 to kg/m3

Now you know how to convert lb/ft3 to kg/m3 in two different ways. If you like making your own calculations – use given formula. If you want to make calculations quicker and easier – choose our tab.

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